Digital Reflection 3

This video doesn’t directly relate to the things discussed in class regarding orality and literacy, but it does correlate to the sort of disconnecting that we’ve been challenged with several times. In an age where people are becoming more and more focused on getting on to the next thing, where interpersonal interaction is declining, where words are becoming less and less meaningful and more and more “censored” via social media and other technological advances, taking the time out to truly be “in the moment” can be both fulfilling, but also generative. To be present doesn’t necessarily require disconnecting, it requires being aware of one’s surrounding and of one’s state of being. When we are in touch with ourselves we are better able to understand why we feel a certain way and by extension are better able to express those emotions be that via orality in the primary or secondary sense. The words that we author-be they digital, oral/aural, hand-written, etc. have the capability of making a lasting impact and also, of lasting for a long time, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the words written were committed in a state of mindfulness and total awareness, with focus and with conviction. So yes, let’s “disconnect” to discover who we are as individual, how we fit into the greater culture and society, and what we have to say/write about it all as a result.


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