What is Writing? 


Writing cannot be summed up in solely one definition. Writing for you is different from writing for me. People are aware, in varying degrees, that writing is essential in their daily lives. Writing is all around us. It is essential for life as we know it, but it can go by unseen. We must distinguish between an internal and external view of what constitutes “writing.” Some people  rely on writing for a solely utilitarian purpose–for the sake of communication, either in business or academia. Some people rely on writing for their own sanity. Writing balances these things. It is a bridge between the internal and external, and necessarily, the way it is viewed changes from person to person. There is a balance that must be struck between the perspective inherent in writing and the way in which that writing is perceived. Some write for the sake of writing while others write only when necessary. With this in mind, it becomes apparent that the perception of writing, regardless of setting, will vary from person to person.


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