Digital Reflection 4

“Solitude of Helix” – Kolja Tatic

Link to digital exhibition.

Technology has changed the way that we conduct daily life. Just yesterday a co-worker of mine mentioned the need for a cell phone in this day and age. It is not only a part of daily life, but requisite to live. School, work, communication, all of these things are linked to the digital. Beyond these things, entertainment, music, art, are all moving to more and more digital platforms to accommodate the move towards technology. This week, I selected to link to an online exhibition of art that is only available online. Admittedly, it is difficult to learn much about the artist, even the website itself doesn’t have much of an “about the artist” section. This, perhaps, opens up a whole realm regarding anonymity and the internet. People are “authoring” themselves more and more, and digital landscapes allow for it.

The art itself is unique. All of the compositions depict another world, another existence. I think that the gathering together of these digital works in an online space makes for an all the more intriguing experience. There is a sense that we, the viewers, are entering into another place, the gate at the start, the ethereal, ghostly atmosphere, the anonymity of the artist; all of these things combine to create something that is technologically modern, but still maintains an organic and almost timeless atmosphere.


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