Digital Reflection 5

This video, aside from being hilarious, parallels nicely with this week’s discussion of audience and voice. The piece is decidedly well-aware of its audience, but also manages to convey a voice that is well-suited for that audience. The piece is a “composition,” a work of “poetry” technically, but regardless, it was written with the intention of being spoken/performed allowed (I mean–aloud). The humor within is contingent on the listeners/readers having a certain degree of education. They must be well versed in digital word-processing, they, most likely, need some college education, if not high-school. They also must have a sense of humor. Conversely, the voice that Taylor Mali implements in the piece is young, it is direct, it is, what you might call, intelligently ignorant. The piece’s intention is, arguably, rhetorical. Claiming that proofreading is essential and, working through itself as a sort of example, that not proofreading can have dire consequences. The the Impotence of Proofreading is engaging, entertaining, but also makes a good point in the end.


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