Image 5


This image is more in-line with last week’s prompt, but still thought it worth sharing. I’ve had a kindle for a couple years, but most of the time this is the screen that displays on it. At first I though, ooh a Kindle, I can take hundreds of books with me wherever I go, it’s light and portable, it has a light built in . . . All of these things are nice, yes, but in actuality they are unnecessary. Books are not particularly hefty, nor are they difficult to travel with. Rarely would I need to bring more than a backpack-full of books. As for the light, I suppose it’s a nice feature, but lights are also in every room. I suppose “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While books are not bleeding-edge technology, they serve their purpose well and actually, in some respects, work better than their digitized counter-parts. Flipping to a page, marking up a book, writing in the margins, all of these things are easier done with a physical “old-fashioned” book. Ahh well, I suppose the newest technology isn’t always better.



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