Digital Reflection 6

Since we’re finishing up our discussion of creative non-fiction I thought it would be appropriate to share a link to a current example of the genre. I’ve followed Wait but Why since freshmen year when I was introduced to it in one of my writing courses. It is an online blog/magazine/newspaper site that shares information in creative ways. The information is conveyed in easy-to-understand language and often times incorporates graphics (sometimes stick-figures) to clarify the information. While the posts are not in Joan Didion’s style, nor are they always personal, they are essays that creatively communicate the fact-based information within.

Wait But Why’s intention was to create “long, high-quality posts” that keep the reader’s attention in an age where click-bait reigns supreme. I suppose the creative aspect found in the posts are what have made it successful and are what continue to draw readers. There’s an array of posts varying in subject-matter, but most every one of them incorporate facts and touch upon subjects that are often taken for granted. It’s both informative and entertaining.


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